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    Thursday, November 13th, 2008
    1:34 pm
    You know it's getting too close...
    to Christmas when I already have to decorate. I need to get the lights up on my house as well as the fire station and I need to get it done like this weekend. The reason being that next weekend I am out of town and going to Gettysburg. The weekend after that is Thanksgiving and I'll be busy with all that. And then bam! It's December and light up night in Dormont is Dec 6th. So I need to get things in order up at the station first off. I spent boocoo bucks last year getting these lights for our hedges and they all stopped working by New Years. I also spent a considerable amount of time re-lighting the deer that go out front by the flag pole and they stopped working as well. I blame the ultra high winds we had around the middle of December last year but nuts to that, if I spend $15 on a set of lights they should work through a cyclone (this means you Rolliers!). All in all it’s very frustrating and I don’t want to have to spend more of our money on stupid twinkle lights. Meanwhile I have to make sure my display at Hartwood Acres for the radio stations work and haven't been blown away as well. I swear anytime I’m outside trying to hang something the wind picks up. I also have to make sure they put the right logos on the right tree. After meeting some of the people who work there last year, I don’t trust them to accomplish this. In reality, I should start decorating in August next year.
    Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
    12:42 pm
    Unruly cars, quick vacations and blackouts
    Yes I fianlly have power back at the house. On returning home Sunday I found I had no lights, yet my pager looked like a christmas tree. Don't get me wrong, I go on any call with no complaints. However, after being on the road for almost 9 hours staying up past midnight watching powerlines is a real pain in the keister. My trip was great, pictures and details coming later now that I can actually download them. My car is also running decent. It made it back from the coast with no problems. I do have a part that is under warranty to get looked at, some idling sensor or whatnot.

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    Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
    10:23 am
    Fire Fighter Ray
    I'm officially on vacation yeah! At the moment I'm hanging out at my parents, waiting to hear why my car won't stop accelerating. Anyway I was looking around on here and came across this site...

    These are pictures from a residential structure fire we had back at the beginning of April. That's me in the black turnouts in front of Engine 1 in Picture #1 and #2 and on the porch with our driver in #37. Also in the pictures are Mt. Lebanon, Castle Shannon (with the green tomato engine) Whitehall and Medical Rescue Team South.

    I've since moved up to tan turnouts, actually one of the guys retired and I got his set. My black set is now my spare in my locker at the station.

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    Sunday, September 7th, 2008
    10:50 pm
    Did I say I was going to update more frequently last month?
    Let's look back, well crap I did. Well the month of August proved to be busy for me. Here's the short recap of the events that took place...

    Worked more engineering on remotes and made some good money

    Wrecked my car and got it fixed

    Took hazmat operations and passed (got a 96 on my test)

    Was asked by a very strange person (in a club I was working for B94) if I "liked lolly-pops"

    Responded to various calls including one where I had to put a small fire out in a stove

    Started working on making something out of our public safety day (which is on my birthday)

    Almost tossed one of the cats out of the house, still not sure what his problem is/was

    Went back on a two-person budget for the household and planned some painting

    Discovered a roach in the fire station men's room the size of a small dog

    Cleaned my room (which by far was the biggest accomplishment)

    Anyway that's it in a nutshell. Maybe I'll have more interesting things to share this month more than once. I have some music to recommend I hope to get around to as well.

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    Friday, August 8th, 2008
    1:25 pm
    Something close to an update plus Paul and Storm
    It occurred to me last night glancing at my blog that I haven’t updated since my night long run on the 4th of July. So why not sum up the month of July in brief.

    The raffle went pretty good and I managed to get a few hours of sleep before heading back to the park. The winner decided to take the cash which was cool; we make more money in that case.

    The next day I took a very good trip out to see the family out in Indiana which by the way, Indianapolis might be one of my favorite cities after Pittsburgh of course. The photo recap is available on my Facebook page which you are probably reading right now.

    Work has been busy with remotes in full swing. Our parent company of CBS is going to sell us off. What does that mean? I have no idea. We could be sold to Wal Mart or to that crazy guy that pushed a lawnmower around Dormont. Or we could not be sold at all of course. What does it mean for me? More than likely nothing but just incase…

    I put in my application for the City of Pittsburgh Fire Department. It’s something I had thought about even before the fire sale (ha!) announcement. I never intended to make my volunteer service at Dormont to be a stepping stone by the way. I would hope that if by some miracle they decided to hire me I can continue to serve at Dormont as well. All in all it can’t hurt to try out. Unless I don’t make it then I’ll just be miserable and probably eat an entire Dairy Queen cake.

    Finally I’d like to mention Paul and Storm who are now podcasting at their website. I mention it because they said no one had talked about them in 24 hours and I want to be the first one, so go me.

    Normal updates should contiune regulary this month. I hope to document my hazmat classes at the end of the month.

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    Friday, July 4th, 2008
    8:12 am
    Live from the stand 8:14am
    I'm still here but I sold almost another $100 in tickets. Now I'm really getting hungry and loopy at the same time.

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    6:18 am
    Live from the stand 6:22am
    By my quick count, as of right now I sold $232 in tickets. Not bad at all. The sky is pretty overcast today. We might get rain most of it. I'll be out of here soon hopefully. I did say they could come anytime after 7am. Please for once don't take me serious! I'm just now starting to crash. I did manage an episode of Emergency to play with little slowdowns. Maybe I'll get a sale or two before I head home. Traffic is still slow but picking up.

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    5:13 am
    Live from the stand 5:16am
    So I sold about 15 more tickets since the last post. I have to get a count here before I leave. I'm tired, but more jittery. Things are pretty quiet now. There's hardly any traffic. Of course no one will be going to work aside for a few. There's some delivery vans going by. The birds are just now starting to wake up. I'm facing east but I don't see daybreak yet.

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    3:54 am
    Live from the stand 3:58am
    The Facebook add just asked if I was single and had herpes

    No status on the accident, they are still down there

    I just had my first sale since 2:20am, A girl just bought an entire book

    Actually they just finished up on the call. Hopefully someone will stop by and give me a pee break

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    3:02 am
    Live from the stand 3:09am
    I hear them. Somewhere down past Tom's is a loud "woo" and what sounded like "arrggh". Yes, there are pirates loose in Dormont on this 4th of July. We just had a call in, it's an accident further down past the pirates. Someone is running from the scene according to the dispatcher. Engine 2 is rolling by, I'm staying here. No need to go down, funny I got Brant to blow the horn. The cops are on their way too. I guess I should trip someone should they run past me. I was going to try and watch Emergency but the connection from the library slowed down. is a great site. There's people blowing by me, sucks to be them since the cops are right down the street. Mt. Lebanon also has a call for something on the same channel. Sounds like there's some police action down at the accident. Still there are pirates somewhere. One of the guys just drove past me and said something funny about staying awake. I'm still doing ok, a little jittery but not effecting my bad typing. I do tend to grit my teeth when I'm wired.

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    2:13 am
    Live from the stand 2:24am
    Some quick observations on that little add that little banner ad that pops up on the left of our Facebook profiles...

    No, I won't be your "gaybor"

    Neither Do I want to meet hot Asian women

    Are the hot Christian women the same as the hot Asian women?

    That band that sings the "Dance to Joy Division" song kind of sucks

    I don't need to find were Radiohead is playing, they're not coming anywhere near Pittsburgh

    I don't care about the new concert venue in NYC

    I would like to see Suzanne Vega, but she's probably not play here either

    I hate She and Him, WYEP is falling all over themselves for that song

    I do like that Jawbox on cello album that benefits the singer's son that has cancer (?)

    No, dating is not a nightmare or any trouble for me since I don't currently date anyone

    It's none of your freakin' business that I'm 32 and single mr. nebby banner add

    Anyway, it's now 2:24am and I've had no drunks as of yet. I think they close at 2:30 maybe?

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    1:15 am
    Live from the stand 1:47am
    Let me set the scene for you. First off Radiohead is playing currently in the background, this after Portishead. Traffic is still pretty steady out on West Liberty Ave. Sales have been also pretty brisk. So far I've sold between $60 and $80 in tickets. Rob L. stopped by and the Police and been past multiple times.
    I'm sitting under the stand, which is just a little bigger than the Mustang itself. It has two counters on either side. I have all my books here on this side with me and the lappy. I'm in the corner of the Dormont Village, which is a little shopping center in the middle of town. We have signs and lights around it.
    The "Village" itself is directly in front of me. It's a long, two story building. It has a CVS, Payless Shoes, an audio store, a Chinese restaurant, a state store (liquor stores in PA) and a Bartending school. In the basement down the stairs is the bowling alley, which has 12 or so lanes with some retro 70s' decor. The second floor is mostly empty offices. I'm not sure if anyone is up there. There's a big orange neon sign in the parking lot and on the center of the building with Dormont Village that looks like it went up sometime in 1985. People frequently use the one way parking lot as a through-way.
    To my far left across Mississippi Ave is Tom's Diner (start song in head now). It's open all night, has no non-smoking section and has pretty decent food for what it's worth. Tom's gained a bad rap a few years back after two drunken Steelers fans beat up an old man in the men's room. He ended up dying but the security camera caught the two pricks leaving. Reason they beat him up, he scoffed at them for chanting "here we go Steelers" loudly.
    Directly behind me is the Dormont Library, who's wireless I am currently using. There are also a few houses and an empty lot where they knocked two down. This runs down to my right to the light at Hillsdale Ave which is the street the fire station is on. The police station is across the street from us in the new Boro building.
    To my right is the old Boro building. It's sat vacant since they moved out around 2002 or so. It's gone through a few owners, the last one is in jail for something. The current owner is finally doing something with it. I think they are putting office space in it. It's a two story brick building, looking a bit like a post office (which is a little further down past Hillsdale). It has huge windows which I hope they keep. In the back facing me is the old fire station. It used to have 4 small bays, now it has one small one and one larger one. The fourth was made into the office. There used to be a lighted sign above the big door where the truck and old engine 2 used to sit. At the moment there's a construction dumpster inside of it. Nothing or ours is still there, they only evidence being some hose left that was used to fill the water tanks. I'd still like to see inside someday to see where everything used to be. It doesn't look much different in the postcard I have from the late 20s and some of the pictures we have up at the new station.

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    12:10 am
    Live from the stand 12:15am
    Traffic has been fairly steady out on West Liberty Ave tonight. There are also various people walking by and milling about. More than likely going to Tom's Diner or one of any bars. At the moment I have a sale. I haven't gone more than 5 minutes without someone stopping by. Now a car has pulled up. A few people may swing by during the night to see how it's going. At least Rob L. will be around in about a hour or so to give me a BR break. In case of an emergency run there is a Port-o-John right across the street behind the old Boro building. I'm waiting for the bars to close, I'm told you get a lot of sales and weirdos.

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    Thursday, July 3rd, 2008
    11:51 pm
    Live from the stand (Vacation #2 = 1 Day)
    I'm at the stand until 7am Friday morning. So far sales have been brisk. I've got the Sisters of Mercy jamming behind me. I'll give another update after midnight baring it getting real busy.

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    Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008
    8:46 am
    We're goin' to to a party, don't eat the furniture (Vacation #2 = 2 days)
    Somehow this movie gets left off of "best movies of the 80s" lists, I think that's an injustace!

    Incase you were wondering, in no particular order as I can name them off the top of my head...

    Real Genius
    One Crazy Summer
    Ferris Bueller
    Sixteen Candles
    Back to School
    Better off Dead
    The Night Before
    How I got into College
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Weird Science
    Great Muppet Caper
    Weekend at Bernie's
    Monty Python and the Holly Grail gets an honerable mention for being from 1975, but I watched it enough in the 80s to qualify

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    Tuesday, July 1st, 2008
    1:09 pm
    Landmarks 08' (Vacation #2 = 3 days)
    I keep here on my laptop at work. I made a few changes and added a few more. These are landmarks you can look for yourself while on I-70 westbound between Wasington PA and the
    I-465 loop before Indianapolis...

    Passing the Wildthings field, kind of the gateway out
    Claysville, PA...
    The former Back 40 Driving Range and it’s golfing cow sign aka Cow Golf
    The old lit add for the former Union 76 Truck Stop
    The Petro Truckstop, former Union 76
    Dallas Pike, WV…
    That old tumbled down barn with the DQ billboard
    The Cherokee Truck Stop
    The first sign from Columbus on I-470
    Bethlehem, WV…
    The Ohio River at Wheeling
    Bridgeport, OH…
    Mall Rd exit…
    The "YES" motel
    The very outdated Ohio Valley Mall
    St Clairsville, OH…
    Flushing, OH…
    Schlep's Restaurant
    Quaker City, OH…
    The lot where the DQ used to be
    The Lion's Den (an adult book store in the old Sports Paradise building)
    The former location of Paradise Lake Park
    Senecaville, OH…
    The former Shenandoah Truck Stop (stopped here many times, had some great video games in the 80s including Crazy Kong)
    Cambridge, OH…
    Burger King (more 80s' video games were here)
    Various campgrounds and the former Big Boy
    The Champion sparkplug factory
    That lake on the right side of the road that is constantly flooding the road next to it
    New Concord, OH…
    Old gas station and empty sign tower
    A house I once saw burning down now replaced by a double wide
    Zanesville, OH...
    Airport Rd. exit, formally at state route
    Jakes's Steaks n' Cakes
    Love's Truck Stop
    The small shopping area outside of Zanesville with the “Sunrise IGA”
    Downtown Zanesville
    STU - Barnesville, Oh... (hockey joke)
    A very lonely looking former Sohio station
    The Whoops (the series of dips and hills before you get to Columbus)
    Gratiot, OH…
    Buckeye Lake, OH...
    The McDonalds that EVERYONE stops at
    The Truck Wash sign at the old National Raceway exit (I start my road mix here!)
    The Flying J Truckstop (eat here, get gas)
    The fireworks with the cool neon sign
    Pickerington, OH...
    Sign for The Lenox Inn which has been gone for 15 years
    Pataskala, OH... (just because it's a cool name)
    Brice Rd. exit in Columbus...
    The J.C. Penny’s outlet and assorted shopping
    That big pillar thing in downtown Columbus that has some concert venue on it
    The home of the Columbus Clippers
    The Brewster Cotye St. Bernard mascot (what are those things on his head, wings?)
    London, OH...
    Remember a Circle K being here? Strange things were afoot
    The MAD River!
    County Folks Restaurant
    Huber Heights, OH...
    Home of a lot of brick houses and Kim Deal from the Pixies
    Dayton, OH…
    That arch thing
    An old Union 76 Truck Stop sign minus the 76 logo right over the Indiana line
    Tom Rapper RVs
    Wilbur Wright Rd exit...
    The sign for the former Richardson Farms Restaurant
    Camp Dakota and it's funky old sign, so faded away
    The bend that I-70 makes just before you approach I-465 in Indy
    Post Rd exit
    The I-465 split
    Washington Ave...
    The old Paramount current Don Pablos
    The old Target store on the other side
    The lake with Just Add Water Boats and where a bar used to be
    Shadeland Ave...
    Red Ball Moving
    Beech Grove exit...
    The giant bowling pins
    I-65 interchange
    Franklyn/East St. US 31 exit and the smoke stack off in the distance

    I'm taking a break , things are busy today. Went to the strip and got what I needed too.

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    Monday, June 30th, 2008
    4:50 pm
    Making a List or 3 (Vacation #2 = 4 days)
    Ok so today went fairly smoothly. I spent most of it counting t-shirts, entry forms and detailing everything into the monthly inventory. It took forever but it helped make the day move along. I had a great night at the stand yesterday. I made well over $320 in ticket sales. I think I might have around 450 tickets left. Hopefully I can knock that down about half on Thursday. I’ll be back sometime on Friday to sell depending on when I wake up/when they need me. I’ll be happy when it’s over. I have most of the rest of the week mapped out. I have to go the Strip tomorrow and pick up some things to take to Indy. Then I have a meeting tomorrow night at the station to go over Friday. Wednesday and Thursday I’m covering for my receptionist, so I’ll have to pack prize bags for next week tomorrow afternoon as well. I’ll do laundry and pack Wednesday. I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to cut my grass this week, maybe before the marathon shift on Thursday. Oh I also need to swing by my friend’s house tonight to get his key so I can watch his cats while he’s gone the follow week I get back. And I need to call my other friend and go to lunch Wednesday or Thursday. Somehow, someway I will keep track of this. Plus the bag of ice I need to get for the cooler.

    Tomorrow is a "best of" entry, with my landmarks list for those of you have never seen it before.

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    Sunday, June 29th, 2008
    12:52 pm
    Raining out (Vacation #2 = 5 Days)
    We had a parade yesterday afternoon out in the far reaches of Allegheny County. It was a big parade for a small town, lots of apparatus. Although someone needs to lay OFF the air horn while were in the line up seriously. This means you South Fayette with your banana colored truck. We had a fair about of sun all the way through the end. We went down to the festival they were having to get some food when it started to approach. That would be the big ass storm that hit us yesterday. Dark clouds and I mean pitch black low lying clouds. After a few observations that we should walk if not run back to the truck, they finally agreed with me but it that point it was pretty much well too late to stay dry. I've never ran into hard rain and straight line winds while hopefully the ferris wheel wasn't going to blow over and I hope I never have to again. We did make it back to the truck, I haven't been that soaked since my friend coaxed me into riding the Raging Rapids.
    On the way back the call were flooding in from the south hills, we ended up with about 7 or 8 for downed lines and trees. The dispatcher that was on duty really needed to try some decaf seriously. You can't work that job and started to get all worked up and being nasty with fire chiefs. it's still raining off and on today and we have a threat of more storms. I'll be at the stand from 4p - 10p this afternoon. My all nighter is Thursday at 11pm till Friday morning around about 7am. I should finally be able to get some sleep the night before going on a trip for once. This is going to be one of those LONG weeks

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    Saturday, June 28th, 2008
    1:53 pm
    Shocking but true (Vacation #2 = 6 days)
    Yes, for someone who used pay for his own extra cable at home it might be a little odd that I hardly watch TV anymore. Summer isn't the best time anyway. With the exception of Password, there's nothing that merits my attention span. Deal I'll watch if it's a half hour into the round and the contestant has a legitimate chance at winning something decent. I will also watch Most Haunted on Travel anytime it comes on. I love anything involving ghost hunting. I will also watch Chowder and Flapjack when they are on Cartoon Network. Scrubs and the Office are the only two, non game-shows I watch on network TV.
    I know everyone and their dog are currently watching the reality-trainwrecks that are running this summer. Sorry if you do like those shows, their just not my bag. I already said my peace about the baby stealing show or whatever it is. I'll just add if there was a show to bring down the reality empire, this would be the "E.T." to it's Atari. They've been watching the circus show at home. Remember Circus of the Stars back in the 80s? I liked that, but NO everything has to have the same tired Survivor/Idol formula they ran into the ground about 4 years ago. Now wait, because I'm going to shock you again. I actually like that Dance Crew show Randy "he was no Ross Valory" Jackson has on MTV. Yeah they have the condescending no-name judges, but thankfully that's the only similarity. There's no backstabbing, no unions and thank god they don't fucking live together. I like how they throw them a curveball, giving them some near impossible routine to perform in their set. It's pretty freaking cool how they pull some of them off. I used to watch Soul Train, Bandstand and Dance Fever when I was little so it's kind of relating back to that.
    I should point out I no longer have GSN as the assholes running Cumcast keep moving channels to the digital level. "You should upgrade now, or you'll be left with the Weather Channel and WBGN!" is what the letter they recently sent me in the mail basiclly said, stating they were taking another half dozen away from us including MSNBC. "You should eat a dick!" I say as I wad the letter and toss it into the trash. It's the small victories that count with me, plus the cat was impressed. I'd rather drop cable than pay another $65. And don't give me that deal shit they try to lay on you. Making it $10 a month for a year doesn't make up for the fact it will spike to almost $200 in addition to my internet afterwords. Plus, my parents have digital. If it was something I wanted to watch that badly, I'll just go stay overnight.
    Anyway, that's my little rant. Sorry again if you can't miss an episode of Top Model (Seeing that it's #89 in the Nelsons I doubt you are) but I hope they put more nightime Price episodes on this summer instead.

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    Friday, June 27th, 2008
    1:47 pm
    And then there's this... (Vacation #2 = 7 days)
    For you Bob Barker fans and game show geeks, here's a rare clip of a very short lived Chuck Barris production. Yes, it's basicly a retread of the the Newlywed Game. Bob seems to handle the show pretty well (he was still at the helm of Truth or Concequences at this time) but he wasn't loose enough yet as he would be after a few seasons on Price. Chucky B gets a lot of slack for his late 60s' output but I like this (it could have used a few tweeks honestly) and stuff like the Game Game. I could do without some of the crap he came up with in the 70s' but this one is cute enough. It's one of those kind of shows that you could bring back today and slap in basicly anywhere for a decent time filler. Why they don't try this is beyond me? Not to get sidetracked, but whoever came up with "Baby Swap" needs to be rounded up and shot. Ok, maybe I'll have to rant about the summer shows later but first here's P1. of the clip...

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